April 1st, 2006

The Bad News/Good News Edition

BAD NEWS: The Iliad Bookshop is gone forever from 4820 Vineland in North Hollywood.

GOOD NEWS: We officially re-open today at our spanky new digs at 5400 Cahuenga in NoHo.

BAD NEWS: Today is the third anniversary of the death of Leslie Cheung Kwok-wing.

GOOD NEWS: He's as popular as ever, with literally hundreds of tributes planned in his memory throughout Asia.

BAD NEWS: I broke a tooth this week.

GOOD NEWS: I got a huge tax refund. Bye-bye tax refund.

And my personal favorite:

BAD NEWS: Yesterday I got a form-letter rejection from CEMETERY DANCE for my story "Tested".

GOOD NEWS: The rejection is for the same story they bought last year, and that will be appearing in the May issue. Go figger.