March 4th, 2006

The world's best horror joint

My buddy Rick Pickman just did a little revamp on the Dark Delicacies website - not only do they now have spiffy graphics on the front page, but you can pre-order any signed book on the "Signing/Events" page with a shopping cart.

Poor Rick...his story ("Dark Delicacies of the Dead") from the Dark Delicacies anthology has taken a pretty big pummeling review-wise, but he somehow doesn't let it hold him back. And such a very fine, fine piece of literature that story was, too - what are these reviewers thinking?! Don't they recognize GREAT ART when they see it?!

BTW, Pickman also added this spanky new avatar of himself to the Dark Delicacies forum:

Quite the dapper chap, isn't he?