February 14th, 2006

Writers and cats

Writers need cats, right? They go together like pen and paper, words and sentences, middle-aged eyesight and reading glasses, yes?

This is Buster Morton:

Buster is 14. He's in very good health (just a few cataracts in the eyes). I've had him since he was 3 months old, and I got him from a friend whose sweet little cat Autumn had just had a litter.

Can you see what Buster is doing in this photo? See how his mouth is open a little? That's right - he's whining. Buster loves to whine. He has his whole life. Pace and whine, pace and whine...You can pick him up and he'll be happy for about a minute, then it's out of your lap and back to the routine. Give him food, he'll sniff, and walk away to whine. Give him a new toy, he'll be amused for a moment, and then...well, you guessed it. Yep, he's even doing it right now.

(And, as I mentioned above, he's in great health, so don't presume he's crying out of pain; he also has a playmate, Roxie, so he's not lonely. Nope. He's whining, like some ill-behaved human brat you just wanna turn over your knee.)

Now, imagine, if you will, a quite loud, high-pitched, constant whine (complete with animal pacing back-and-forth in front of the computer screen), while you're on a deadline. The script is due in the morning, the short story rewrite needs to be done today, the movie review is due at midnight...and all you can hear is "MEOHHHHRRRR...WAAAAAAHHHH...MEOWWWRRRR...". I have been known to scream, "Where is your off-switch?!"

Ahh yes, writers and cats...Happy Valentine's Day, Buster Morton.