January 31st, 2006

My favorite Oscar nomination...

..."It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp” from the Original Song category. Haven't seen the movie (Hustle and Flow) or heard the song, but I just like the idea of that title showing up in the Academy Awards.

Today's round of ego surfing

I love to ego surf Google from time to time, especially with an ordinary name like mine - try it sometime (unless you were fortunate enough to be born with a cool uncommon name like Mamatas, you lucky bastard). Today it was Google's Image Search function, and (aside from actual pictures of me or covers of books I actually wrote) here's some of what I came up with:

- A baby picture of myself.

- A picture of my best friend.

- A picture of some chick who I swear is NOT me dressed up as some anime character.

- Some sort of letter from something called whyaretheydead.net

- Best of all: The cover of a Polish edition of Philip K. Dick's Valis. Dick happens to be my favorite author. I'm sure the idea that my name in an internet search engine just happens to lead to a Philip K. Dick item could be one of those strange happenings sometimes called "Phildickian".*

*=Okay, I know this isn't entirely wacky synchronicity, since I once adapted PKD's Radio Free Albemuth to the stage, but it's still weird and kinda cosmic.