January 27th, 2006

Gung Hei Fat Choi!

Yesterday I took a break from my HWA activities (you don't think I write any more, do you?), and headed downtown to visit my favorite store, Wing Hop Fung. Riding that escalator up past the "1000 Horses Carving" to the 2nd floor is as close to being in Hong Kong as you can get. The store is a wonderful mix of bargains (an entire box of my favorite Bee & Flower Jasmine soap for $2.99!), excellent Chinese products, and kitschy fun stuff. Most of the people shopping there really are Chinese (my Cantonese is just good enough to provide some eavesdropping pleasures); in fact an elderly couple needed help with a VIP card application because they couldn't write in English.

So, I see one other white chick in the place. She gets in the checkout line in front of me, and what do you think she's buying? Beautiful porcelain? Gourmet tea (specifically, Monkey-picked Oolong)? Pocky biscuits in Strawberry flavor? A cool little carton of Chinese New Year sesame candy? (All of which I bought.) Nope.

She bought about 30 boxes of "Dieter's Tea", and that's it.

Cripes, I'm so embarrassed to be white sometime.