January 21st, 2006

Icky Stickies

Over at LisaMorton.com, I finally changed "This Week's Weird Photo" (cripes, I still had a Halloween photo on there). Here's the new gem:

When I was a kid, they had a whole line of these whacky toys, called Icky Stickies. They all had suction cups on the base, and could suck water up their snoots (when it was new, this toy was quite flexible, but now the rubber is so dried out I wouldn't dare try to suck with it again!). I used to have three or four, but this guy was always my favorite, and for some reason I've had him all these years. He's nearly as old as I am!

In my more nostalgic moments, I miss those times when you could walk into the local five-and-dime and root through bins of cheap monster toys (although I actually have a vague memory of the Icky Sticky coming from Sears). A fifty-cent allowance could buy you a couple of Day-Glo Universal Monster figures.

Are you getting that I wasn't a normal little girl?