January 19th, 2006

My Mr. Wright

We have some friends who are making this delightfully nonsensical internet series called The Wright Stuff, which postulates the Wright Brothers as action heroes, Amelia Earhart as a red-hot mama with a taste for other girls, and Teddy Roosevelt as a zombie-bashin' "Bully"-shoutin' nut, among other things. Check out an episode or two at:


Ricky will be appearing in Episode 4, playing the Wright Brothers' father, a crazy ex-Civil War general turned anarchist who is hurling explosives at Teddy Roosevelt from his hot-air balloon. Here's a sneak preview look at my own personal Mr. Wright:

Since m'man's trying to rekindle his acting career, I think this looks like a bully start!

And of course just (to paraphrase Al Pacino) when I think I've escaped, Hollywood pulls me back in...yes, I may actually do another low-budget script. I'll probably know by the end of the week if this project's a go. It'll be a family thriller ala my earlier Tornado Warning, and came completely out of the blue. Sure, it's never the ones you really work to get that go, is it?