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January 2nd, 2006

The first dreams of 2006

My subconscience seems to have decided that I'm either going to pummel 2006 into submission, or slyly turn down its propositions.

I awoke on New Year's Day remembering this whopper: Aliens had invaded and were devastating Los Angeles. I was fighting with a small resistance group, and since we'd been reduced to little more than Molotov cocktails and were getting our asses kicked, I commented one day that we could use a superhero. Suddenly one of my fellow soldiers asked me to come with him, and he took me into the subterranean ruins of a bombed-out university, then told me he'd been part of a team there that had been working on a way to turn a human being into a living battery. They'd created a special suit that would allow a person to take in tremendous amounts of electricity, then carry that electricity somewhere and discharge it; however, he'd just realized that the electricity could also be discharged as a weapon. I put on the suit (which, of course, was adorable - bright primary colors and a miniskirt!), and instantly realized I could hurl electricity at the invaders. The tides started turning, and my comrades began jokingly referring to me as "Power Girl".

In last night's dream I was propositioned by a famous (dead) horror writer, and I politely turned him down, while inwardly laughing up a storm.

Yep, 2006 will be interesting.