December 19th, 2005

"Horror Version"/"Drama Version"

Last night we watched a superb new horror film from Hong Kong, Home Sweet Home, in which the always-watchable Shu Qi plays a paranoid mother whose young son is kidnapped by a mutilated madwoman living in the ducts and shafts of her new skyscraper housing complex. However, as well done and creepy and superbly acted as the movie was, the menu was what we really dug:

Home Sweet Home

"Horror Version" "Drama Version"

Okay, you know which one we watched...but we're now dying to see the "Drama Version". How can a story about a hideously scarred lunatic carrying a terrified child around filthy airshafts NOT be the "Horror Version"? And think how cool it would be if all DVDs gave you the choice of what version to watch! The "Comedy Version" of Taxi Driver! The "Action Version" of The English Patient! Leave it to the Asians to figure this one out first...

I've got a word meter and I'm gonna use it!

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
69,600 / 80,000

Obviously poor Netherworld's word count has taken a nosedrive during December, but what with the holidays, birthdays, and another job at HWA* I expected that. I'm still aiming to finish a first draft before the year ends.

*=I'm now the Membership Chairman (temporararily, at least - hopefully somebody else will take this behemoth soon), as well as the Treasurer and a Trustee. I know, I know...