December 17th, 2005

The Abalone Killing Spree

I just remembered something I've been meaning to do for story "Black Mill Cove", from the Dark Delicacies anthology, is about a guy on a pre-dawn hunt for abalone in an isolated Northern California cove (when of course everything goes...terribly wrong). This story is really about my dad. My dad the genius, who has designed everything from the early Project Mercury space helmets to the liquid crystal to part of the circuitry for modern PC motherboards...and yet his real passions in life are hunting and fishing. Yep, if it's alive, edible, and at least slightly hard to get, pop wants to kill it. When I was a kid, our vacations every year consisted of us getting dragged off to the wilds of Montana or Utah or Idaho or Oregon, where mom and I would huddle in the camper while dad stalked the wilderness for a week in search of Bambi.

He's a bit of a puzzlement to me, because he's also a very kind man who adores cats and dogs, so how can he look a deer in the face and then pull the trigger? I wanted to explore that (I also wanted to destroy the idea in horror stories that the hunter is always a nut or serial killer or shaman or something), so after dad dragged me off on an abalone hunting trip last year, "Black Mill Cove" came about.

And just so's you all know...I've got the photos to prove it: Lisa's abalone page!

By the way, guess it worked: The story just got another nice mention, this one from Emerald City: "...Lisa Morton contributes "Black Mill Cove", a tense tale of terror set in the wilderness with a load of poison in its tail." (Wish I'd thought of the "load of poison in its tail" line - that's niiice!) And it has now garnered 4 Stoker recs, so one more and it might actually advance to the preliminary ballot. I guess it'd be nice to no longer be the only Active member of HWA without a Stoker nomination...