December 14th, 2005

Common (Dis)Courtesy

We now interrupt your regularly scheduled Lisalog for this pointless rant:

I am being bombarded this week by rude aholes. Cripes, even the squirrels have been behaving badly this week.

It started Monday night, when we went to a free screening of King Kong, and by the time the movie was over (three long hours later), I had decided that the reasons the studios have seen a significant drop in revenue this year can be split evenly between bad movies and bad audiences. Who wants to watch a movie surrounded by noisy, smelly cretins when you can enjoy nice big screens and DVD quality in your own (quiet) home nowadays? On our left was a row of seats that had been taped off (presumably for people from the studio who were working the screening); just before the film started, a group of late teens and twentysomethings asked us if we were holding the seats. "Uh, no," we attempted to explain, "but obviously somebody is." To which response they promptly tore off the tape and sat there (to their credit nobody ever seemed to care). But the worst offenders were the thirty-ish couple to my right, and just beyond them the older white asshole who had trouble written all over him. Sure enough, at about one minute to 7:00 this idiot starting shrieking, "ROLL THE PICTURE! ROLL THE PICTURE" as if he were David O. Selznick or something; by 7:10, he was snoring so loudly I couldn't hear dialogue over him, and I was three seats away. And then there was that afore-mentioned couple, who proceeded to eat, chatter, check their cell phone, writhe, squirm and inexplicably grunt (I'm not kidding - the chick would grunt as if in approval at nearly every line). They left early, of course (important to beat those crowds out!), and when the lights came up we just stared aghast at the six-inch high pile of trash they'd left in a perfect semi-circle around their seats. There is no circle of hell agonizing enough for these braindead pigs.

Oh yeah, and then there are the considerate neighbors who played horrible whiner rock at blaring decibels until nearly 4 a.m. last night. Not as if I didn't already hate that System of a Down/POD kinda "I'm such an abused upper-middle-class white boy" crap... One more night of THAT and the baseball bat comes out.

Oh, and the new computer I'm trying to set up promptly evaporated my most recent 194 e-mail messages, so I apologize if I haven't responded to you about something...Not a great week.

Yay! More books!

Shameless plug time: My friend Jerry Chadburn just opened a terrific little bookstore in North Hollywood called Always First. Jerry is The Man when it comes to vintage and collectible paperbacks, and although his store is small, his selection of genre paperbacks is to die for (I picked up a pristine copy of Borderlands 2 from him). He's got plenty of Bradbury, Dick, Sturgeon, Ketchum, noir and sleaze - if you've been hunting that scarce science fiction, horror, fantasy, or mystery, Jerry's probably got it. Drop him a line at and let him know your wants!