December 2nd, 2005

Story Roulette

There's an anthology I've been trying to get into all year long, mainly because I consider the editor a friend, and he wanted me in the book; but everything I've hit him with hasn't been quite right for the book. This week I took a break from Netherworld and wrote a story that I knew just nailed everything this guy needed, and was a wonderfully demented story, too (Ricky Lee read it and gleefully told me I'd completely lost my mind, and they were crazy if they didn't buy it). Well, they're crazy - because one element of the story happens to repeat one element of another story they already have. Weirdly enough, a friend of mine wrote the other story, so I know what he's talking about - and I don't think ANYONE would read these two stories and see a similarity. But what're you gonna do? The editor asked me if I could change that element of the story...but I'm just tired of betting on red and having it always come up black with this anthology. So I fired the story off to a different anthology I think it might work for without all the rewrites.

Par for the course this year with me...I just can't win.

However...on the up side, there is a new throwdown between Mike Marano and I over at Chizine - this time we tackled Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Since we both liked the movie very much, we took off on reasons behind the general success of the Harry Potter phenomenon, and Mike's essay comparing Hogwart's to his own high school days is (damn him!) really, really good. Lisa Bob says check it out.