November 29th, 2005

Another inexplicable dream

Cripes, what is going on with my subconscience lately? I awoke at 5:30 a.m. today utterly creeped by a dream, and the strangest thing is that - on the surface, at least - this was not a creepifying dream. In fact, it was really pretty damn funny:

I was in a room that was something like a storage room in a public library; I was with several friends, and we were all looking for something (I don't know what). My (real-life) 28-year old friend Kevin was seated at a table, going through the contents of some box. He suddenly found something that made him exclaim, and then call to me, "Hey, you need to see this!" I went over, and saw that he had an old issue of Hollywood Reporter, circa early 80s. He flipped it open to one of those full-page color photo ads the studios take out to promote certain performances for Oscar consideration, and there I was in the ad. It was absolutely me the way I looked in the early 80s (barely out of my teens, skinny as a proverbial rail), except that I also had a geeky 80s mullet-ish haircut. I was doing this kind of silly position, striding or dancing away from the camera but with my head thrown back over my shoulder and my face sporting a quizzical expression. I said to Kevin, "Oh yeah, I did a couple of movies in the early 80s, nothing great." Kevin, of couse, said, "You never told me this!" Then he looked at the ad again, and said, "So what were you doing in this scene?" I told him I couldn't remember, and then I realized I couldn't remember anything about this entire career I apparently had. Lastly, I told Kevin, "I had no idea anybody thought I was good enough to nominate for awards." And then I woke up, completely disturbed. Why?

Beats me. Never had the least interest in seriously pursuing acting (good thing, too - I've got the Morton nose and lower jawline to deal with in profile). Yesterday I was entertaining myself briefly by going to Amazon and reading the horrible 1-star reviews for some of the atrocious movies which bear my name as co-writer (and considering adding my own scathing comments), so maybe that factors in. I dunno. Dream logic...go figure.