November 21st, 2005

The Reviewer's Dilemma

Last night I finally saw the debut episode of {cough, cough}, the new cable show that's been on for about a month, and which I may be reviewing soon for 's "Throwdown" with Mike Marano. Now, here's the dilemma: Part One: I hated this show. I mean, HATED it. Hated it on every level - script, direction, technical stuff, and especially the subcontext, which, if truly analyzed, ended up telling us racism and sexism can be acceptable survival techniques. Part Two: I know the creator of the show, and even submitted a script to him for the show (which he passed on). Anyways, I really like this man, I see him once a year or so, and we always have a great time.

So, there ya I submit an honest review and skewer this crap-ka-bob, or do I consider a friend and possible connection?

I opted for the former, I confess. If this show had been a little less offensive, I might have dodged the bullet and taken the easy way out, but...well, dammit, this thing really irked me. It's so bad it makes the entire horror genre (oops, I just gave the show away, didn't I?) look bad. And it masqueraded under a veneer of hipness and even feminism (oh puhleeze). So I mailed off a skewering critique. God help me.


Netherworld word count: 46,662. Added some interesting real historic characters recently. Here's a good one: Major Horace Bell was a crusty Los Angeles Ranger (yes, we actually had such a thing once) who came to L.A. in the 1850's and opened shop as both an attorney and the editor of the weekly Los Angeles Porcupine, in which he wrote amusing and lengthy barbs about various local personalities. How can you find out about a real-life guy like this and NOT want to use him something?