November 18th, 2005

I'm baffled, too

I hate to get all political on yo' collective ass, but this just cracks me up:

So this Rep. John P. Murtha, who has visited both Iraq and Washington-based veterans' hospitals, says he thinks we need to bring our troops home starting now. And the White House response? " is baffling that he is endorsing the policy positions of Michael Moore...not the time to surrender to the terrorists."

Whoa, wait a minute, back up, boys - where did that Michael Moore dig come from? And exactly who are these terrorists we'd be surrendering to? C'mon, even the red states don't buy this terrorist crap any more. It's baffling that they're baffled. Their bafflement leaves me...well, baffled.

NaNoWriMo novel project: 38,333. Lost a few days due to socializing (I have more friends and relatives with birthdays in November...*sigh*...)

Fabulously weird dream

I just remembered this one from night before last:

I was the second-in-command on some kind of spaceship. We were in orbit around earth when systems started to fail, and I knew we had a saboteur onboard. First our anti-grav went out, and I had to float my way to some controls. Then we started entering the atmosphere, and I managed to bring us down with only minor damage, but we ended landing on a hillside. I heard a hatch open, and knew it was the saboteur trying to escape. I chased them up the hill, and finally caught the saboteur, which for some reason looked like a young girl. We were tussling and I clocked her, and she just flew apart - her lower jaw and her eyeballs landed in this stickery shrub behind her. I was splattered with stuff that I knew would kill me unless I could find an aloe vera plant. I ran down the hill and spotted a very large one, which I promptly ate in its entirety. Then I was fine.

Now I know where parts of that came from - Ricky Lee was playing with a new PC game called "The Movies" that involved making little science fiction movies; and I did recently transplant some aloe vera cuttings - but the overall thing is just a headscratcher.