November 10th, 2005

I'm almost a half-novelist

My NaNoWriMo novel Netherworld should hit 25K words today. And I actually think it's still good. What I don't know is whether I'm going to hit the at-least 80K I'm aiming for so this thing will actually be saleable.

I went into it with only a very rough outline, a bunch of research leftover from The Halloween Encyclopedia, and some stuff I wanted to recycle from one unsold short story I've always loved, and it's been interesting to feel it twist and turn and grow as we've gone along. I'm sticking to the goals of NaNoWriMo for now, but in the polishing process I'll buff up the research even more. Yesterday, for example, I suddenly decided I wanted my 19th century heroine Lady Diana Furnaval to have an encounter with a suppressed Thuggee cult in British Colonial India. Okay, ya don't just stick somethin' like that in and hope you're being fairly accurate...and an hour of research online turned up a bunch more stuff that I want to stick in once I have time to dig around offline (like...I had no idea Madama Blavatsky was in India in 1880 - I'd like to incorporate her into this at some point).

I also think this experience may have finally broken down my novel barriers. Yep, I think I can do it. Given the luck I'm NOT having with film stuff these days (just got a turndown from another manager, and my agents still haven't read the rewritten Nephilim/God's Darkness), I think I'd damn well better learn how to become a novelist.

Oh, and yeah...the new Kate Bush album Aerial is brilliant. Or at least the second disc, "A Sky of Honey", is; the first disc contains a couple of questionable ditties that might be great if you're stoned, but otherwise I can pass on 'em. But the second disc...ahhhhh...

(Good buying experience: My friend Kevin and I went to Virgin Megastore in Hollywood to pick up the album Tuesday night. On the way there we made the mistake of getting stuck in endless traffic surrounding the Hollywood Bowl - the Stones were playing - so I took a back route home through the Hollywood Hills. At one point we were blasting the new Kate CD, and I turned a corner only to find myself looking right into the eyes of a gorgeous coyote standing in the street. He and I stared at each other for a full ten seconds I think, while an ethereal Kate song aurally surrounded me. You gotta love moments like that.)