November 5th, 2005

Me? Passive? No way!

In doing a little blog reading earlier this week, I saw several mentions of a function I didn't know Microsoft Word possessed: It can actually tell you how much you use passive voice in your writing.

I confess I've never been entirely clear on just what passive voice is. I've heard more and more over the last year about the evils of using passive voice. I started to get concerned ("crap, am I using this without even knowing it?"), so I tried to read a little about it. Uhhhh...I'm STILL not clear on what it is. I can be a total dunderhead when it comes to understanding certain technical parts of grammar.

Fortunately, I seem to comprehend them innately. I was seeing others mentioning that their MS Word was giving them very nice counts of 10% usage of passive voice. With some trepidation, I randomly chose three short stories of mine and ran them through the passive voice function. I came up with the exact same count all three times:


So...maybe the reason I have hard time understanding what passive voice is, is that I...uh...don't understand what it is.


Four day word count on Netherworld: 12,004 . I'm aiming for 70,000 by the end of November, then will keep going. Huh. Kind of amazed.