November 4th, 2005

Not quite 10K...

...but close. Hit 9,638 words last night. Woulda hit 10,000 but the brief lunch with a pal turned into lunch AND an all-day shopping extravaganza.

Hey, this novel thing is fun. My neurons haven't fired this quickly and insanely in years.

No word yet from the agents on the rewritten Nephilim (now known as God's Darkness), but they're looking more seriously at Grrlz Nite Out now. Hey, I'll take whatever I can get. So far 2005 has been pretty much my worst year for writing sales in a decade; were it not for royalties from the two non-fiction books I would've had zero writing income this year (the Cemetery Dance sale doesn't pay until 2006), and I'm gettin' tired of wondering why everyone else seems to have more money than I do.