November 2nd, 2005

Novel Day 2

Novel day 2:
7,146 words*

Hey, I know I can't keep it up, but what da hey...not a bad start.

*Oh yeah, and I think maybe it's even pretty good.

The Dead Woman Resurrected

I will be taking one night away from NaNoWriMo on Tuesday, November 8th to venture to Amoeba and/or Tower in Hollywood in search of the new Kate Bush album Aerial.

Imagine yourself at the MLA (Music Lovers Anonymous) meeting, wherein I stand up and say, "Hi, my name's Lisa...and I'm a Kate Bush fanatic." It's true. A Bushhead. A Lovehound. Whatever. I worship the woman.

Or I did, until she stopped recording 12 years ago. TWELVE HORRIBLE EXCRUCIATING YEARS. I actually started calling her "The Dead Woman". C'mon, Kate, screw having a kid! We want our albums!

Finally we got one. It's a double CD. The first single, "King of the Mountain", blows away everything else I've heard in years, with its fabulous mix of dub/calypso rhythm, Citizen Kane-meets-Elvis lyrics, and the softly slurred vocals. The reviews on the CD are calling it brilliant.

C'mon, November 8th...