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November 1st, 2005

*Sigh* another Halloween gone...

So here's how the author of The Halloween Encyclopedia celebrated this year:

Got up and immediately donned a Halloween t-shirt, Halloween socks, and a Halloween watch. Went to the bakery and bought special iced Halloween cookies. After work, rushed home and carved the jack-o'-lantern. Ricky Lee dug through my old vinyl and played the soundtracks from Carrie, The Omen and Near Dark while we passed out candy to trick-or-treaters. About 8 p.m. took a walk through the neighborhood to check out local yard displays (the absolute most bizarre: A gigantic inflatable Spongebob-Pirate perched atop an R.V.). Then got in the car and drove over to the final night of the Hallowed Haunting Grounds, which was packed (they were figuring on about 4,000 people). Ran into a friend who is one of the guys behind Haunting Grounds; he told me that a number of their pieces and effects will be incorporated into Boney Island, which I guess is where we'll be going next year. He also gave me a CD of the sound effects (thanks, Mark!), which I shall treasure.

Came home and watched our chosen Halloween movie: The Arcane Enchanter, a 1996 Italian supernatural thriller by Pupi Avati which we loved. As in, really loved. Could be one of the great undiscovered horror gems of the 90s. The copy we saw was about a 10th generation, so it was dark, muddy and cropped, and we still loved the wonderful fable about an 18th century priest-in-training who goes on the run after getting a girl pregnant and then helping her with an abortion; after making a pact with a strange woman, he winds up as the assistant to the title character, who lives in an isolated castle near a home for mad nuns. The movie had ghosts, demons, black magic, decayed corpses, blood-lapping bats, evil priests and loony nuns, all told with complete seriousness of tone. (Special thanks to our movie pusher Joey for the loan!)

Unfortunately Dia de Los Muertos (or, should I say, Day 2 of Dia de Los Muertos) isn't turning out so well. I woke up feeling feverish (still do), and discovered my panaderia, where I used to get wonderful Day of the Dead breads and candy, has been acquired by a Chinese family who have apparently never heard of Day of the Dead. I did manage to get in 1,790 words on the NaNoWriMo novel this a.m., and now just hope this minor ague doesn't morph into something huge that slows down the writing progress. It's always sumthin, right?