October 29th, 2005

Bestseller boost

Wow, I actually have stories in both the #1 and #10 entries on the Dark Delicacies Hardcover Bestseller List. And congrats to ladyeuthanasia for her appearance in Lost on the Darkside, from the Dark Del Paperback Bestseller list!

Checked out the Hallowed Haunting Grounds last night, and loved it as always. This year's additions included a blinking graveyard sculpture, a magically-twilit gargoyle-studded sundial and various sundry spirits and monuments. Unfortunately my favorite effect didn't seem to be working last night (a druid bent over a well calls up little sparkling spirits), but they did give us a nifty souvenir brochure, which thrilled me.

Three days to go until I dive into that novel in a month! Stretch stretch, warm-up...