October 26th, 2005

Warming up

I just got quoted in another Halloween article. And I hear "Black Mill Cove" got a nice mention in the new Fangoria (in the same sentence with Bradbury), so can't beat that with a stick!

I'm in the last week before I start this crazy Novel in a Month thing. I'm using this week to try to clear out old projects (review of A History of Violence for Chizine.com, admittedly long overdue balancing of HWA's books, and two projects I owe to friends), and do a little research on this novel. Then, come November 1st (the actual date of Samhain to you Celts and pagans out there!) I dive in. My user name at Nanowrimo is LisaMo, if any of you care to check it out. I actually have a fairly decent (albeit brief) outline to work from, and will be able to incorporate some of the research I did for The Halloween Encyclopedia (here's the only hint I'll give you about it right now: It's set in the 19th century).