October 22nd, 2005

To novel or not to novel...

I'm starting to consider doing this crazy thing:


If I do it, I won't be stopping at 50,000 words, because that's not a saleable novel. I'd keep going, and would aim at finishing with an actual marketable, 90,000-word novel. I wouldn't use one of the existing novel ideas I've been pondering for several years, because they're too good to toss off like this. I would work from an existing unpublished short story of mine; it's a long story I really loved, but it was written for a specific anthology and got shelved when that book's editor passed on it (foolishly, might I add!). With a little tweaking it can become nearly an entire fourth of a novel, it's that long and detailed. Can I avoid all the screenplays stuff for an entire month?

I'd love to think that this'll be complicated by my recent completion of the rewrite on Nephilim, now retitled God's Darkness. The agents have it now. It's good. They should be able to get action on it. If they can't...well, I'll be doing some re-thinking of my agent sitch, I imagine.

Thursday's reading at Wacko went pretty well, and was some darn good practice for me in seeing what I need to work on before I go out next year with the Rolling Darkness Revue (mainly I need to watch a few of those tonguetwisters - I read the first half of "Black Mill Cove" from Dark Delicacies, and realized that the word "shellfish" and my tongue just don't get along). Always nice seeing karenetaylor and ladyeuthanasia, who both read as well (and very nicely, might I add).

Although I don't have a picture from Thursday nights event, here's one of myself with Del and Robert Steven Rhine from Monday's appearance at the Burbank Public Library (and thanks to Robert Steven Rhine for the pic!):

Gee, I don't look tired or anything, do I? (The night before had been the all-night thunderstorm.)