October 3rd, 2005

Well, crap

Finished my rewrite of Nephilim yesterday...or so I thought, since when it was done I saw: 1) that I now have a script that's at least 10 pages too short, and 2) I still don't have a better title for the bloody thing. So it's back to the rewriting/re-reading boards for me. *Sigh*...

We saw Joss Whedon's Serenity yesterday, then ended up watching I, Robot on HBO after The Naked Man Hour (oops, I mean - Rome, the television series with more male frontal nudity than any other in history, yippee!). The difference between Whedon's delightfully brisk and well-plotted scifi-er and that atrocious excuse to let Will Smith run rampant...well, you get the picture already, I think. One is a script from a fine writer that's been allowed to make it to the big screen relatively intact; one is a script-by-committee with at least one probably-bad writer credited (Akiva Goldsman of Lost in Space infamy). One has a universe of cultural and sexual diversity, with technology that looks like it could actually function; one has a black-and-white-people-only world with design that's occasionally beyond ludicrous (yeah, the robots were okay, but c'mon...the entire rest of the world was ridiculous - like we'll still be dressing EXACTLY THE SAME WAY in 30 years). Sadly Serenity hardly turned out Robot's box office, so I guess we can expect Hollywood science fiction to continue along dumbhead derivative lines.