September 27th, 2005


My agent called me yesterday to ask if I had a good writing sample to submit to a Desperate Housewives-ish daily soap opera.

Okay, this in itself would be bad enough, but...the last time she called me about a job, she asked if I wanted to move to New York to write a daily soap opera.

Do I need to say I have not the SLIGHTEST TINESIEST BIT OF INTEREST in soap operas, either watching or writing them? That I have never expressed SAID TINESIEST BIT OF INTEREST to my agent? That she has stacks and stacks of spec scripts from me, not one of which is even remotely like a soap opera?

I can't say this to her on the phone, but I can say it here: WTF?!!! Oooh, that feels good. Let's say it again: WTF?!!! How about like this: WTF?!!!