September 10th, 2005

Google alert! Google alert!

Today's (completely egotistical) Google Alert turned up a story which included this marvelous line: "...Lisa Morton created havoc for opponents, keeping them from creating many scoring opportunities." Okay, so it's actually some other Lisa Morton playing "outside back" (whatever that is) on a chick soccer team, but I'd like to think it's a statement that could be equally applied to me (Ricky Lee thinks it could).

Just heard from the second person in a week that the director of The Glass Trap felt bad about the fact that I didn't know about the rape rewrite of the script. Message to Fred: Thanks, but really, we're cool. I know now that you're not the one responsible for changing my genetically altered fire ants to irradiated Them ripoffs and my ending with synthetically created pheromones to DDT.