September 3rd, 2005

Rewritin' blues

Got the word back from my agents yesterday on what they want done with Nephilim, and although I'm actually really pleased with what they want, it's more rewriting for me. I'm also kicking myself for not trusting my instincts - I tried to (somewhat artificially, I'm afraid) punch up the death and blood because I thought it would make the script more commercial, and instead they're telling me to take that stuff out. That'll teach me. Anyways, I'm glad they asked for less of that, not more. It'll be a good rewrite.

Unfortunately it's not the only one. I've got a story query into one major anthology, and the editor likes the beginning and middle but wants me to revise the end.

My non-fiction article may still need another go.

And I need to completely rework my "Spicy Slipstream" short story.

My only consolation is that all this work might keep my mind off New Orleans.

READING: Stephen King's On Writing - I know, it's embarrassing that I've never read it before. I figure I can use all the inspiration I can get right now.