August 19th, 2005

Writing feats, don't fail me now!

Took Nephilim to my agents yesterday, and had a good meeting with them. They actually seem to like the idea of sending me out for work. They pitched me for an animation project to someone on the phone while I was there. We worked out a plan for submission of my big chick-kick-flick Grrlz Nite Out. Time to spin that big roulette wheel yet again.

I was just reading Bev Vincent's latest piece over at, wherein he addresses the process of rewriting. Let me offer an alternative view to Bev's, and one that I probably shouldn't address to newer writers: I don't rewrite. Almost at all. I've always felt that what comes out of my head is right the first time; if I try to change it, it turns to crap and dies. (This is not to say, mind you, that I don't proofread the hell out of stuff.)

I'm a great admirer of the work of Dennis Etchison; I've seen some of Dennis's manuscripts, and I know he rewrites everything multiple times. That's probably how it should be done, like polishing a finely-grained piece of wood until it just gleams...but I just can't work that way. The upside to this is that I never have to deal with not knowing when to quit revising; the downside is that, as a screenwriter, I'm asked to rewrite a lot, and every rewrite is sheer torture for me.

I guess this is all by way of saying that there's no one way to write. Or rewrite.