August 17th, 2005


Nephilim is done at last. I'll be dropping it off with my agents tomorrow.

While I was waiting for it to print out, I found myself wandering off to a game of Solitaire, then Minesweeper - both of which I won. "So what?" you're saying to yourself. Well, after years of experiencing the bizarre whims and vagaries of the screenwriting business, you start to find your formerly rational self starting to believe in silly, ridiculous luck rituals. Sometimes there are no logical reasons for why one script (say, The Glass Trap) sells while an obviously better one (say, The Patchwork Man) doesn't, so you conclude luck has as much say in the process as anything. This morning, of course, I'm concluding that the chances for Nephilim must be very good, indeed. It's not logical and I know it...but being a (screen)writer can apparently make imbeciles of the best of us.

Besides, I want that Long Beach crackhouse.