August 10th, 2005

Pardon my trumpet...

This review of Dark Delicacies: Original Tales of Terror and the Macabre from the August 15 edition of Library Journal:

"From Ray Bradbury's languorous meditation on death and what comes after ("The Reincarnate") to Clive Barker's grotesque story of sex after death ("Haeckel's Tale"), the 19 original stories commissioned especially for this collection revel in the macabre. Whitley Strieber portrays a grim near-future where horror and politics go hand in hand ("Kaddish"), while Lisa Morton tells a horrific story of "things" in the water ("Black Mill Cove")..."

They also call the overall book a "dark gem".

Those are the only four stories the review mentioned, and what can I say - I'm diggin' the company I'm in. Almost makes up for that horrible movie that came out on DVD last week.

BTW: Some reports state that the Dark Delicacies book has 19 stories, and some state 20, so here, per co-editor Del Howison, is the straight dope: 19 stories plus the introduction by Richard Matheson (which, as Del notes, could sort of be taken as "a story about me, I guess!").