August 6th, 2005

All the Lisa Mortons

A friend turned me onto a great new function of Google called "Alerts"; you can input any subject, and Google will inform you whenever there's a match to your phrase.

Needless to say, I immediately input my own name (truthfully, this wasn't complete ego - I did recently find out a story was making the rounds about a film I wrote supposedly going into production, so I wanted to keep up on this stuff). Here's the first response I got:


It lists three Lisa Mortons: One is a young girl involved in an archaeological dig, one is a horse owner in Australia and one is an artist who's part of a new gallery exhibition in Soho.

It made me wonder about all these other women/girls who bear my name. Do they ever get asked about a short story or movie they wrote? Do they laugh when they find out their name's attached to something called Meet the Hollowheads?

I remember twenty years ago someone asked me if I was the Lisa Morton who had been in Second City in Chicago (I'm not). At the time I was startled to realize there was someone else with my name out there. Now with the Internet, we realize we have dozens, maybe hundreds of name doppelgangers out there, all with their own talents and lives. There's one case where the Internet has changed my perception of who I am; it's hard to be hugely arrogant when you realize you're just one little grunt soldier in the Lisa Morton army.