July 30th, 2005

A big writing tip

Wanna know how to get more writing done? Simple: Don't go on the Atkins Diet. I'm on Day Six (a period which goes by the frightening term "Induction"), and I'm weak, shaky, exhausted, nauseous, and there's a small invisible child pummeling me over and over in the kidneys. I'm trying to work up enough energy to go to the market and stock up on bread, fruit and nuts, because - as you can well imagine - this is not very conducive to writing (or weight loss, for that matter - I've lost ZERO pounds). Atkins might be okay for people who are already big meat-eaters, but if your diet is mainly fruits, whole grains, nuts and vegetables - take my advice and avoid it like the goddamn plague. Writers already have enough distractions as it is, don't we?

And Nephilim was coming so well, too...