June 20th, 2005

Hell week is here!

Actually, it's not hell week. The Stoker Awards weekend is in very good shape, and I just can't tell you how much I want it to be over, so I can do those inconsequential little things again like...oh, I don't know...maybe get my writing career back on track? You know that kind of meaningless little stuff. (Actually I also really want to go back to studying my Chinese again - three weeks ago I wrote a page-long essay that our teacher could not only read but said was very elegant-looking, and it was very exciting! Someday I will become at least semi-proficient in this language.)

Meanwhile, I've been entertaining myself with:

BOOK: Initial D - my first Japanese manga. I wanted to read it because it's coming as a big Hong Kong action movie with another of my secret crushes and The World's Greatest Actor Anthony Wong, and I enjoyed the hell out of it. Manga seems to have much more of an emphasis on character development than American comics, and I thought the story of Tak, the brilliant kid racer who really just wants to go out with the cute girl, was marvelous. Can't wait to see Wong as Tak's semi-legendary ex-racing pop. And now, dammit, I want to read more manga.

MOVIE: Slim Till Dead - Okay, so it's Wong Jing, you know it's gonna be cheap and crazy - but this one was so cheap and crazy it was...well, crazy. Anthony Wong stars as a detective on the trail of a serial killer obsessed with weight - all of his victims have been carved and starved down to 70 lbs. Oh yeah, and then there was the other movie shoe-horned in with that one, that was a stupid comedy about Wong as the horny newlywed whose wife won't give it up. And then there was the parody of Dumplings inexplicably shoved into the middle of the movie. And the rotund Mr. Wong Jing himself playing a police profiler named "William Hung". I'm not kidding. Ricky and I were slightly disappointed that there was no exploitative vomiting scene. See this one only if you're already very knowledgeable about Hong Kong film and have a high tolerance for stupid shit.