June 17th, 2005


Last night we saw the original Japanese dub of Miyazaki's Howl's Moving Castle, and were utterly horrified - not at the difference in the voices (which are actually not that different - Calcifer's a bit of a geek in any language, apparently!), but at the differences in the story itself. When we saw the English dub last week, one of our few complaints was an ending which seemed to reduce the film's central war to a rather strange, callous reason. Well, turns out that of course is not the reason given in the Japanese original, where the source of the war turns out to be the logical choice. I've seen all of Disney's English-language editions of Miyazaki, and this the first time they've altered lines in a way that seriously changes the story, and for the worse. What a crime. It's the kind of a change you can just see some imbecilic Disney executive ordering up, because obviously he knows storytelling much better than any Asian guy.

All I can say is...if you can, see the Japanese dub. Takaya Kimura is deliciously sexy as Howl, the other voices are lovely, and the story will make effing sense.

Oh yeah, and the Stokers are now officially one week away. I'd feel better if I had tracking numbers for both the trophies and the program books...

ONE OTHER MOVIE: Made the horrible, HORRIBLE mistake of renting Elektra the other night. Holy crap. If I was Jennifer Garner, I'd sue the guys who made that movie for shooting me so that I not only look as if I just won Queen Slut of the Year, but also so you can't tell how much I trained or worked out for this thing (she looks way better in the making of stuff). And who the hell thought it was a good idea to turn a tough femme assassin into a puddle of glowering neurosis who really just wants to play mommy? Ugh all the way around.

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Maybe my luck is changing - I didn't just receive a tracking number for the Stoker Award program books, I got the damn things, and they look gorgeous (thanks to Docucopies). How do you spell relief? P-R-O-G-R-A-M-S.