June 4th, 2005

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Okay, maybe it IS crass to take up LJ space with photos, but - well, sue me, but I love this one:

This is me and one of my favorite people Nancy Holder at Jerry's Deli in Westwood after the recent EnigmaCon at UCLA. (Thanks to Yasmine Palisano for the great photo!)

MOVIE: Cerebral Print: The Secret Files - Ricky's got these two cool friends Ford Austin and Jed Rowen who've been making these really, really funny short films for a while called Cerebral Print, with the idea being that these are memories recaptured from the brains of dead ETs. Each little short film is shot from the point of view of a short, green-skinned alien who tries to probe various human subjects, including government agents, ninjas, four hos and their pimp, Mafia thugs and more. They once asked Ricky to play the former government agent who was probed "more than 100 times" and really got to like it, and they used him as one of the devices to cut the shorts into one big feature. Cerebral Print: The Secret Files has been playing the festival circuit, and is now at the Grassroots Cinema Festival in Hollywood. Wanna laugh at absolutely dirtcheap goofball shit with Ricky stuck in the middle delivering a sidesplitting monologue? Hopefully this delightful inanity will soon be available on DVD.