May 23rd, 2005

Today's list

Here is a list of things that people who are working to organize large awards events don't need:

1. To be stuck with other people who don't do their jobs.
2. To suddenly have a parent hospitalized (mom broke her hip).
3. To read moaners bitching on discussion boards about panelists you've invited.
4. To have the hotel telling you you're way off from the number of reservations you need.
5. To have any illusions that you can do any kind of writing while this madness continues.

Can you tell I'm overwhelmed by organizing this HWA Stoker Awards event? Can you tell I'm seething about certain things? Can you tell I won't ever do this again?

On the other sure is nice to be surrounded by great people who I'm thrilled will be guesting at the weekend, and to have them actually thanking me. That almost makes it all worth it. Almost.