May 17th, 2005

Sometimes life is good...

Here's one of those little cosmic revenge stories that happen far too rarely in real life: Anyone reading this probably knows that Ricky and I have been studying the Chinese language with a teacher for several years. Our lo si, Lily, lives in Porter Ranch, in the hills at the northern end of the San Fernando Valley. When we first started going there a few years ago, we drove past a sidestreet once wherein I saw several lovely little wild rabbits, but Ricky didn't see them, and I've seen none since. He's kidded me ever since about them, and was particularly nasty about it last night - "Hey, there's a rabbit - oh no, that's a dog. Hey, there's - no, that's a cat." As we pulled up in front of our teacher's house he was still going on while we got out of the car - "Hmmm, wonder where all those rabbits are...sure is strange that I've never seen those rabbits - " At which point I gestured at Lily's yard and said, "Oh, you mean like...THOSE?" I kid you not - two sweet wild bunnies sitting in our teacher's front yard. They waited for us to see them, then scampered off, I figure just to prove they weren't fake.

Those rabbits had some uncanny comic timing, I tell ya. I'd slip 'em a whole Easter basket full'a carrots for that performance, if I could. My man's eatin' some serious crow pie today because of those rabbits!