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May 14th, 2005

Good news, but in the wrong direction...

My secret identity as the HWA's Stoker Event organizer this year has recently yielded some really cool results. It's nice to know that my hard work on this is starting to pay off, with everything from program ads sold to cool booty for the goodie bags to some excellent confirmed guests. Now if we'd just start selling more tickets...

I'd prefer to have that luck applying to the career a little more, though. The Patchwork Man just got another big fat passola (from Dimension), and my agent's pretty disenchanted; he's starting to talk about hitting the ultra-low-budget guys. I really would like to break out of this low-budget ghetto, but apparently it's not gonna happen with The Patchwork Man. If it doesn't happen with Nephilim, I'm going to have to start wondering if the universe is trying to tell me to give up this movie stuff and focus fulltime on prose...Hello? Universe?