May 6th, 2005

Yahoo, back to work!

I gave myself enough of a breather from my HWA duties this week to get in some serious work on the new script, and I'm thrilled to say that puppy's now a third done and it's good Good, yes; commercial...well, crap. I don't know. My agent and I had a discussion not long ago about whether or not it was still possible to do an Exorcist-style horror film in the era of someone-must-die-every-twelve-minutes (remember, only one person dies in the entire first 95% of The Exorcist, with only two more dying at the climax). My new one follows along those lines - only one person (and one goat - sorry, animal lovers!) dies in the first 40 pages. Is it scary? I hope so. I hope horror doesn't always have to depend on death and mutilation. I often long for the days when filmmakers built tension slowly until they had us twisting in our seats and shredding our nails. But are younger audiences capable of experiencing that kind of tension is the real question, and I guess we'll find out the answer when this script is finished and starts being shopped.

The Stoker event is looking up, too, despite my continuing concern over one huge sitch involving a very big name author; however, I see the other HWA officers working to resolve that, so I'm optimistic.

MOVIE: - I'm still making my way through my huge Korean drama Say You Love Me, and hot DAMN is it good! I mean, seriously, we're talking almost Sopranos-level good, with some jaw-dropping writing and a killer perf by Yeom Jung-ah as the tougher-'n'-nails CEO of the movie production company with a crush on the handsome, fabulously naive new employee. What's great about it is that her character seems puzzled, angered and even ashamed by her own attraction to this kid, so there's no stereotypical soap-operaish scheming or leering. It's also an interesting look at the Korean film industry, and I'm curious as to how accurate it is. Wonder when the Americans will start picking up these Asian series for remakes?
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