April 25th, 2005

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More HWA business and minor health crap once again in the way of writing. Hope to get back on track with Nephilim at some point this week, although I have a huge chunk of work in front of me on the HWA front.

MOVIE: Lady Terminator - Ricky Lee brought home this Turkish monstrosity which he swore up and down had been fun once when he once drunk; within ten minutes I told him I could NEVER drink that much, and we turned this crapfest right off. Nothing like a movie comprised of shots of buttugly topless women repeatedly emasculating even buttuglier men, all to a blaring synth score which consists of only two notes played back and forth. The only good thing: There was actually an upfront credit for "Ass. Director". I guess that was worth the ensuing ten minutes...
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