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April 23rd, 2005


The writing's been waylaid the last few days by family visits and HWA business. Please, somebody, come over with a sledgehammer and pound sense into me if I ever volunteer to run another Stoker weekend.

BOOKS: Saga of the Swamp Thing by Alan Moore - I recently acquired all 40+ issues of Alan Moore's run on DC's once-moribund comic, and finally started reading them last night. After a somewhat pedestrian start with #20 (just a wrapup/setup, after all), the Alan Moore I know and cherish shows up bigtime in #21, with an amazing rap on genetic memory, plants and Planarian worms. Sorry, but this here is literature. That's all.

MOVIE: Lovely Rivals, a Korean comedy starring my current favorite actress Yeom Jung-Ah (the evil stepmom from A Tale of Two Sisters). A very entertaining (if slight) story about a manic, single school teacher vying for the affections of the gorgeous new art teacher with prepubescent Mi-Nam. The direction was bouncy with just the right amount of style, the script became briefly serious but never maudlin, and of course Yeom once again proved herself a very gifted chameleon - her aggressive, physical Miss Yeo is a wonderful comic creation. And who IS that lovely young hunk who played the teacher? I haven't seen a new actor that handsome since a certain blonde elf appeared in The Lord of the Rings...