April 16th, 2005

A day of many calls...

Yesterday was a flurry of strange potential business calls. First came the one I previously reported, about an old television project getting an unexpected huge boost. Next was a call from an occasional business partner who thinks he's just found some major new investors looking to throw dough at a low-budget horror movie (yeah, I might have one or two of those lyin' around...); the interesting thing about this deal could be that it might involve me as director. Last was a call from a friend in Northern California who's working on making a DV feature out of an old script of mine, and of course his director is now asking for a co-writer credit. Do you have to ask why I want to start directing? Frankly, I don't really put much stock in the last two projects, but the television thing is The Real Deal. Stay tuned.

MOVIE: Madam White Snake - A 1962 Shaw Bros. "huangmeixi romance" (essentially a filmed opera) based on the same traditional Chinese fairy tale that served as the basis to my favorite movie Green Snake. I'd never seen one of the filmed operas before, and although it's a form that's obviously going to be slow going for modern viewers (what with long sung sections and stylized, slow movements), Ricky and I both thought it was beautiful and somewhat hypnotic (being very familiar with the story didn't hurt either). Although it's never going to replace Tsui Hark's brilliant and staggeringly gorgeous 1993 version of the traditional tale, it still left us wanting more. Next up, then, will be The Love Eterne, interesting not only for its connection to another Tsui Hark film (The Lovers), but also for featuring the amazing King Hu as an assistant director (if you've never seen King's A Touch of Zen or Come Drink With Me - which you probably haven't - you're missing some of the most astonishing cinema in history).
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