April 14th, 2005

Movies : Writing and watching

Nephilim is coming along in fits and starts. I had it up to 25 pages, then decided to change the last 5 in such a radical way that it requires re-juggling of the plot. I'm not sure I've ever started a script without having it thoroughly planned out in my head, and I'm not sure I'd do it again after this (unless...y'know...it's another Glass Trap or something else that I don't, frankly, really care about). I still have only the vaguest idea of how this puppy will end, and I'm starting to worry that the antagonist enters too far into the story. On the other hand, The Exorcist took about 50% of its running length before the demon really appeared, right?

At least I got a boost when my agent told me that Patchwork Man went out to the major company I most wanted it to go to. Now we'll see...

MOVIE: Today's viewing was a 2002 Korean drama called Oasis that was pretty damn far from the melodramatic romance I expected. Lee Chang-dong wrote and directed this tale of a three-time ex-con sociopath who is released from prison and takes up with a young woman stricken by cerebral palsy, who is the daughter of the man he killed in a hit-and-run driving accident. Discovering that she's been abandoned in a tenement apartment by her thoughtless family, he initially tries to rape her, then regrets the act and stops himself. Eventually they become friends, two people drawn together by their outsider status (and, perhaps, their respective inabilities to control themselves). The acting was amazing, the film was beautifully shot, it was almost completely free of sentiment...and it was deeply disturbing on several levels. The rape scene was graphic and very uncomfortable, and the pain the young man's amoral behavior continually causes his family was excruciating. Still, the notion of balance - does his kindness to the handicapped woman offset his other actions? - was intriguing, and the film's social consciousness (her family's disinterest and greed, his family's use of him as a pawn in the past) was rich. Definitely one I'll be chewing over for a few days.