April 11th, 2005

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MOVIE: Seoul Raiders - If all filmic soda pop went down this easy I could become a cinematic diabetic. Jingle Ma's frothy caper confection was a Lunar New Year's movie in Hong Kong this year, and it makes clever reference to its release date by including a Macguffin centered on two written New Year's greetings. Tony Leung, Richie Jen and of course Shu Qi (hey, I'm a big fan - so shoot me) are all delightful, there's some thrilling (and even very funny) fight choreography, and as usual I want all of Ms. Shu's wardrobe. Despite a few bizarro plot twists, I find myself asking yet again: Why can't American action movies be this witty and fun?

BOOKS: Black Fire by James Kidman, Dead Man's Hand by Tim Lebbon, Heaven's Devils by Jai Nitz, and Aleister Arcane by Steve Niles. I'm trying to be a conscientious Stoker voter (even though I know that none of the things I vote for will win. They never do.)