April 9th, 2005


Today's entry consists entirely of a new movie entry:

MOVIE: Stoked: The Rise and Fall of Mark "Gator" Rogowski - Caught this documentary a few nights ago, and it has weirdly wormed its way into my consciousness. I'm not a fan of pro skateboarding and I knew nothing about Gator beyond remembering seeing him in some of the Vision Street Wear ads from the 80s, but I was just captivated by both this highly entertaining film (best quote: "Travel boner! Big deal!") and Gator himself. Gator was a skateboarding king in the 80s who was astonishingly graceful, daring, charismatic and not entirely brainless (he earned my respect by quoting the Bene Gesserit "Litany Against Fear" from Dune). When skateboarding styles changed near the decade's end, Gator turned first to Christianity and then to murder; he's now doing 6 years for rape and 25 for murder. And yet...you feel for this guy. He did a really terrible thing - and you can still like him. Filmmaker Helen Stickler pulled off a tricky thing there, and it's something I'd like to accomplish in my fiction writing - to understand how energy can become violence, how decency can become rage. Just fascinating.