April 7th, 2005


Okay, I've never been a big fan of blogs - my own, that is. I love to read them, just not write them. Maybe that means I need to be more narcissistic. I'll work on it.

Here's why I didn't want to blog: I loathe the idea of boring a reader. I'd gladly poke small sharp objects through my fingers before I'd let them type entries about laundry or cute things cats do or house cleaning (not that I know much about that anyways). I will never read a blog that's nothing but ranting, or repeatedly uses the word "like" to start sentences. Great - so what's the problem?

The problem is that there are some interesting things in my life I can't write about: Pending deals; cool plot twists in my current project; the inner workings of a certain writers organization for which I serve as an officer. So, here's the deal: If I don't have something interesting to write about, I'll write about something fun from the past, maybe about a film I worked on, or someone interesting I met, or a strange thing that happpened. Or I may just not write for a few days at all.

Now, let's get this party started with a little about what I'm working on now: My agent is shopping a new horror screenplay called The Patchwork Man. I was really happy with the way it turned out - it's a little different from all the Asian-ripoff-girl-with-long-black-hair-hanging-in-her-face clones cluttering theatres lately. The heroine is an inner city African American teen girl, the kids in the movie are all bright, and no one says, "Let's split up". My agent loved it and originally thought it was an easy sell, but of course nothing in Hollywood is ever easy.

Project #2: A female-driven action film called Grrlz Nite Out, about four kickass women hired to protect a record mogul's wife. My agent just got it. I'll probably do a minor rewrite per her notes. This is big budget and not like anything else out there, so I don't expect anybody to say this one'll be an easy sell. If it sells and sees the light of production maybe I'll get revenge on Blood Angels.

Project #3: What I'm working on right now. A horror screenplay tentatively titled Nephilim. All I'm going to say about it now is that it's based in part on The Book of Enoch. I've barely started it, and at the moment have only the haziest idea of how it will end.

After that, well...I know I need to do a novel. I've got at least three short stories coming out this year in terrific anthologies (I say "at least three" because I've also got some submissions I'm still waiting to hear on), but I know I've hit a bit of a cul-de-sac on the short story map. I've published nearly two dozen pieces of short fiction now, most in wonderful books, but to really move forward as a fiction writer I need to leap into that abyss called The Novel. It scares me. I'm (pardon this - okay, so I'm a little narcissistic!) a killer screenwriter; seriously, I can write a feature in two weeks (or a half-hour animated script in a day), and my first draft is shootable. But I've never tried a novel. It seems like a huge investment of time and with far less potential financial reward than I get from screenplays. But I've got a story I have to tell, and it'll only work in novel form. It's called The Castle of Los Angeles, and I swear I'll start it before 2005 is over. I've already got so much of it stuck in my head it's a wonder my scalp stays in place.

So, there you have it - Blog Entry #1.

P.S. Why doesn't LJ let you list "Books" or "Movies" instead of music? Eff 'em...I'll do it myself:

BOOKS: Prime by Poppy Z. Brite (I simply adore Rickey and G-Man); Fallen Angels by Bernard J. Bamberger (research)
MOVIES: Kung Fu Hustle (stop me before I watch again! Seriously, this thing's stuck in my DVD player. Must...stop...watching...)
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