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Women horror author stereotypes

My pal ladyeuthanasia sent me this link today to a new review of the anthology Sins of the Sirens, which includes stories by Maria and three other gifted ladies:

Horror Yearbook

I've never heard of "Horror", and since the reviewer is not named, I have no idea who this guy is. I'm not going to bother addressing the splendid grammar (the reviewer admits that one of Christa's stories "may have flew over my head"), but I do want to mention this line from the review:

"...she manages to step away from the women horror author stereotypes and actually delivers something on the disturbing side."

Wow. Just when I thought I had enough material for the "Sexism in Horror" panel at the upcoming WHC, along comes a defining moment in the history of horrific misogyny. My god, how many things are wrong with that sentence?! Let's see: 1) the condescending use of "manages" tells us right off the bat that even the author he's praising (Mehitobel Wilson) ain't so hot; 2) the staggeringly idiotic notion that there are "women horror author stereotypes" (although I'm sorely disappointed we weren't told what they are); and 3) that delicious idea that us wimmins simply don't write "disturbing" fiction.

I guess we're too busy...what...making pretty quilts and having babies. Getting our hair done and gossiping about American Idol, perhaps.

Yep, those stereotypes. I know that Maria's work is virtually indistinguishable from Caitlin Kiernan's, Alex Sokoloff's, Sarah Langan's, Tananarive Due's, Roberta Lannes's, Deborah LeBlanc's, P. D. Cacek's, Yvonne Navarro's, Nancy Holder's, Lucy Snyder's, and that chick who won last year's Stoker Award for Short Fiction.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go write a not-very-disturbing story about a woman vampire pining over lost love and knitting comfy sweaters in the meantime.
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